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UQ offers Discount for Multi-use "Fami-Toku Pack", the industry's first service(*1)

UQ offers Discount for Multi-use “Fami-Toku Pack”, the industry’s first service(*1)
- One contract for Multi-use, 2,480JPY for Second Line-


TOKYO, November 21, 2011 - UQ Communications Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Akio Nozaka, hereafter: UQ) today announced that UQ provides discount service for 2 line use “WiMAX Fami-Toku Pack” from December 1, 2011. This is the first case(*1) of providing this kind of discount service in the mobile data communication market.

“WiMAX Fami-Toku Pack” offers discount for double use of WiMAX. The second line will be charged 2,480JPY per month, 6,360JPY for 2 lines (3,180JPY per line *2),This plan helps saving communication cost by concentration of fixed line in home and mobile line.

UQ promotes campaign for celebration “WiMAX Fami-Toku Pack debut”, which offers free use for 2 month(*3).

UQ Communications will continue to offer new internet experiences, enhanced WiMAX service offerings, and expand area coverage.

*1 :Discount plan for monthly flat rate plan of mobile data communication service in Japan as of November 21, 2011.

*2 :Case of subscribing to “UQ Flat Yealy Passport” and “WiMAX Fami-Toku Pack”

*3 : 200JPY per month for Multiple WiMAX Devices Option will be charged. 


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