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UQ WiMAX Certification Program

Summary of the Program

The aim of the UQ WiMAX Certification Program is to certify the connectivity of WiMAX products on our network to improve the quality of service offered to our customers. We are ready to provide test related support (UQ-IOT) to WiMAX manufacturers. For manufacturers who would like to provide WiMAX products connected with the UQ network, please apply via this program.

For any WiMAX product which passes UQ-IOT, we will issue a UQ WiMAX certification, and introduce the product on our web site as a UQ Certified product. Also, the [UQ Certified] logo will be available for display on your products.

Completion of the UQ WiMAX Certification Program and display of the UQ Certified logo on your products, is assurance for customers of UQ WiMAX and our MVNOs that their new device is a[UQ Certified] product.

Objective of the Program

Manufacturers of products with WiMAX functionality installed may apply to this program.

Please note, the actual product maker is required to be the applicant, in order to support follow-up discussion to confirm WiMAX installation and functionality during the IOT process.

Target Products

Products with a WiMAX chipset installed.
Products with no physical network interface (e.g. software) are not applicable for this program.

Examples of target products

  1. Data communication cards
  2. Communication modules
  3. Note PCs
  4. Game machines
  5. Music players

installed WiMAX function

Example of non target products

  1. Products which need a data communication card to connect to WiMAX network (Product itself does not have WiMAX function)
  2. WiMAX Chipsets (non-module form factor)
  3. Software
  4. Base stations
  5. Measuring instruments

Conditions for Application to the Program

Prior acquisition of the following certifications is required in order to apply to the UQ WiMAX Certification Program.

  1. WiMAX Forum Certification
  2. X509 Certification
  3. Technical Conditions Compliance Certifications (JATE)
  4. Technical Regulations Conformity Certification (TELEC)

For end products embedded with UQ WiMAX Certified modules, we accept the application of UQ WiMAX Certification without the conditions of (1) and (2), mentioned above, by submitting the certification of no changes on Hardware/ Software of UQ Certified modules issued by the module manufacturer.

For more details, please refer to the Guideline for WiMAX Compliant Product Development.

Program Flow

The following are the required steps of the UQ WiMAX Certification Program:

STEP1Completion of target product development
STEP2Acquisition of the requisite certifications
STEP3Application to the UQ WiMAX Certification Program
STEP5Notification of UQ WiMAX Certification
STEP6Application for approval of UQ Certified logo (Optional)

Contact address for application to UQ WiMAX Certification Program Office :

Contact address for application for UQ Certified Logo :

About UQ Certified Logo

UQ Certified Logo can be displayed on any product which has passed UQ WiMAX certification. It is optional for the manufacturer to use this logo.

UQ Certified Logo (color) UQ Certified Logo (mono)


Contact address of UQ WiMAX Certification Program Office :

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