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UQ Communications

UQ Communications Announces New Corporate Name and Fresh Capital Funding

Completion of capital increase and change of company name

UQ Communications Inc.
(Formerly Wireless Broadband Planning Inc.)

Tokyo, March 3, 2008: To strengthen its business base for building a mobile WiMAX network, Wireless Broadband Planning Inc. completed raising capital totaling 16.15 billion yen on February 28. On March 1, the company name was changed to UQ Communications Inc., and was newly launched as a telecom operations company.
On April 1, UQ will relocate its business office to Shinagawa, increase the number of employees to about 100, and strengthen its operational structure.
From here on, UQ will focus its efforts on building a mobile WiMAX network and contribute to enhancing customer convenience and creating new markets by offering a broadband connection environment that can be used anywhere, anytime.

1. Increase of capital

Date the capital increase was completed: February 28, 2008
Amount of capital increase: \16.15 billion 

Amount invested in 2/28/08 round

Total invested

Investment ratio*


\5.298 billion

\5.484 billion


Intel Capital Corporation

\2.85 billion

\3 billion


East Japan Railway Company

\2.85 billion

\3 billion


KYOCERA Corporation

\2.85 billion

\3 billion


Daiwa Securities Group Inc.

\1.5827 billion

\1.666 billion


The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.

\807.5 million

\850 million



\16.15 billion

\17 billion


  • There are no changes in the investment ratio because of this capital increase.
  • The capital and capital reserves after the capital increase are as follows:

Capital: \8.925 billion  Capital reserves: \8.075 billion

2. Change in corporate name

Name prior to the change: Wireless Broadband Planning Inc.
Name after the change: UQ Communications Inc.
Date of change: March 1, 2008
(Origins of company name)

  • We offer a universal, high-quality (Universal Quality) data communications infrastructure that uses global-standard mobile WiMAX technology.
    <We deliver Quality, Quantity and Quickness.>
  • We contribute to the development of a Ubiquitous network by collaborating (U) with diverse corporations, based on the building of a communications environment that allows users to connect anytime, anywhere.
  • Helping people lead a fulfilling and pleasant life we feel that this is our mission as a company that supports future communications.

3. Logo

(Logo concept)

  • UQ Communications' logo expresses "a sense of a grand scale" and "a sense of unwavering trust" that are perceived from the story behind the concept of "Universal Quality" from which the name UQ is taken.
  • The mark that appears as if it is making a step forward from beyond the horizon represents "a sense of new value" and "richness" that UQ Communications brings about. As the corporate color, we decided to use blue, a neutral color that symbolizes "cooperativeness" and "an open attitude" that make it possible to unite and grow together with all people, companies, and objects.
  • The mark's simple design illustrates the will of UQ Communications to support and contribute to customers, partner companies and society as a whole, through a stable communications infrastructure.

4. Relocation of the business office

Location of the new business office: Shinagawa East One Tower, 2-16-1 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Date of the start of business: April 1, 2008

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