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UQ Communications Acquires Comprehensive Radio License for Mobile Stations

Receipt of a comprehensive license on specified wireless station (terminal)

December 19, 2008: UQ Communications announced that it received today from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Kanto Bureau of Communications, a comprehensive license (Note 2) for mobile wireless stations (handset terminal - hereinafter referred to as `mobile station`) (Note 1) compatible with the broadband mobile access system (mobile WiMAX) that uses the 2.5 GHz band frequency.

In our trial services starting end of February, 2009, covering Tokyo's 23 wards, and Yokohama and Kawasaki districts, as well as commercial services starting in the summer of 2009 (with expanded coverage across Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka), UQ will deploy a mobile WiMAX network that is characterized by such features as "broadband, large-capacity, high-speed mobility and always-on Internet connectivity," to establish and expand an environment where anyone can connect to broadband services from any terminal anytime, anywhere.

(Note 1) Specified mobile wireless station
This is a mobile station that sends out radio waves only in a frequency automatically selected based on radio signals received from a corresponding wireless network base station. The mobile station uses only those wireless facilities that are displayed on the label of compliance (a facility with proven compliance with a technical standard). A typical example would be a mobile phone terminal that receives radio signals from a base station and automatically sets a channel accordingly.

(Note 2) Comprehensive license
This system enables the establishment of same-type multiple mobile stations under a single license (specified mobile station) without having to receive licenses for individual mobile stations. Typical examples include mobile phone handsets and MCA-based mobile stations.

<Reference> Receipt of a license

UQ Communications President Takashi Tanaka (pictured right) receiving the wireless station license from the director of Kanto Bureau of Communications Jun Okayama (left)

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