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Global-Standard Future Broadband Service Start of UQ WiMAX Service and Free Recruitment of Monitors

February 3, 2009
UQ Communications Inc.

Global-Standard Future Broadband Service Start of UQ WiMAX Service and Free Recruitment of Monitors


 Tokyo, On February 26, 2009, UQ Communications Inc. will start a futuristic global-standard broadband service in Tokyo (all 23 wards), Yokohama, and Kawasaki, under the brand UQ WiMAX. This service will enable the use of high-speed mobile data communication using Mobile WiMAX (IEEE 802.16e). In conjunction with the start of UQ WiMAX, monitors are being recruited from today, in order to reflect customer feedback in this new service.
 For details, please refer to the attachment. 
 To ensure customers' satisfaction with UQ WiMAX, UQ will continue to work to enhance the service and extend the service area.


Contacts for inquiries

Ninomiya or Oda
Publicity Representatives, General Administration, UQ Communications
E-mail: pr@uqc.jp


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1.Service Brand
A high-speed mobile Internet service will be provided under the brand UQ WiMAX, using global-standard Mobile WiMAX technology*.
*This communications system uses IEEE802.16e technology, which has been approved by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) as a standard specification for high-speed IP wireless communications.


To ensure that customers can use high-speed mobile data communications with peace of mind, the service will be provided entirely for a flat rate.

Menu (basic rate)

<Flat-rate menu>
UQ Flat

4,480 yen/month (inc. tax)

   (Note) A separate sign-up fee of 2,835 yen (inc. tax) is required.

3.Service Area
When the service starts, it will (partially) cover the following areas.

Service areas

Tokyo (23 wards), Yokohama, Kawasaki

By the end of June 2009, the service area will be extended to include Nagoya and Osaka as well.
Service area extensions will be announced in due course on the UQ Communications Web site.
When the service starts, antennas will also be installed in 44 railway stations in the metropolitan area, on the Yamanote Line and other lines operated by East Japan Railway Co., Ltd.


4.Trial Period
During the "Trial Period" for UQ WiMAX service, from February 26 to June 30, 2009, both the basic rate and sign-up fee will be waived.
From July 1, 2009, all customers, including those utilizing the Trial Period, will be billed at the rate shown in Section 2 above.
* Customers continuing to use UQ WiMAX service from July 1, 2009, following the Trial Period, will be subject to the basic rate. New subscribers will be subject to the basic rate and sign-up fee.


5.Recruitment of Monitors
In order to reflect customer feedback in this new service, monitors will be recruited as follows.

(1) Recruitment Period

February 3, 2009 (1:00 pm) - February 15, 2009 (0:00 am)

(2) Monitoring Period

From arrival of data card to June 30, 2009

(3) Details

During the Monitoring Period, data cards will be loaned free of charge

(4) Number of monitors to be recruited


(5) Eligibility

1. Subscribers to UQ WiMAX service
Sign-up fee and basic rate will be waived during the Trial Period.
2. Persons who meet the monitoring conditions
- Resident in one of the 23 Tokyo wards, Yokohama, or Kawasaki
- At least 20 years of age (businesses may not apply to be monitors)
- Persons who hold a credit card in the name used on the application form
- Persons able to cooperate in questionnaire surveys, etc. during the Monitoring Period

(6) How to apply

Through the UQ Communications Web site, http://www.uqwimax.jp/

(7) How monitors will be notified and data cards sent

Data cards will be mailed following e-mail notification between February 26 and mid March, 2009.

(Note 1) One data communication card will be loaned per person.
(Note 2) After the Monitoring Period ends, customers continuing to use UQ WiMAX service will be allowed to keep the loaned card, free of charge on July 1, 2009.
(Customers who do not continue to use the service must return the card.)
(Note 3) After the Monitoring Period ends, the basic rate applies from July 1, 2009.
(Note 4) Monitors who cease to participate before the Monitoring Period ends must return the card.
(Note 5) If the card is lost or damaged during the Monitoring Period, monitors will be billed for its purchase value


6.Optional Service "UQ Wi-Fi"
To make customers' Internet access environment even more convenient, UQ Communications will provide UQ Wi-Fi, a public wireless LAN service that has high affinity with Mobile WiMAX.

(1) Service provision locations

Tokaido Shinkansen and other major forms of public transport

(2) Option fee


(3) Service starting date

Fall 2009 (scheduled)
Service in the Tokaido Shinkansen* is scheduled to be available to some commercial customers from March 14, 2009.

* Service in the Tokaido Shinkansen will be available on N700 trains between Tokyo and Shin-Osaka
Service is also scheduled for step-by-step provision in station waiting rooms between Tokyo and Shin-Osaka from the end of March.
(Note 1) Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.
(Note 2) There is no sign-up fee

<For reference>


Rates and Data Communication Card Retail Prices



(Basic rate, sign-up fee)

UQ retail price of data communication card

Ordinary customers

(Customers who purchase a data card and use UQ WiMAX service)

Trial Period

Ordinary charges apply


Trial Period

Monitoring Period
No-charge (loan basis)

* Trial Period: February 26 to June 30, 2009
* Monitoring Period: From arrival of data card to June 30, 2009
* For details, see the UQ Communications Web site at http://www.uqwimax.jp/.

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