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UQ Announces Start of "UQ WiMAX" Business

February 26, 2009
UQ Communications Inc.

UQ Announces Start of "UQ WiMAX" Business


 UQ Communications Inc. has been making preparations to start its WiMAX business, with the aim of enabling broadband access anywhere, helping to boost the Japanese economy, and enhancing the richness of daily life in Japan.


 On February 26, 2009, UQ Communications started UQ WiMAX Service. This is a global-standard "future broadband" service, enabling faster mobile data transmissions using Mobile WiMAX (IEEE802.16e) technology. UQ WiMAX Service is currently available in the 23 Tokyo wards, Yokohama, and Kawasaki.


 Looking ahead, UQ Communications will continue working to enhance this service and expand the service coverage area, while maintaining the open nature of the network. In this way, UQ Communications will help improve convenience for its customers and create new markets.




Contacts for inquiries
Ninomiya or Oda
Publicity Representatives, General Administration, UQ Communications


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Comment by Intel K.K.


Kazumasa Yoshida, President, Intel K.K.


 Intel welcomes the start of WiMAX wireless broadband Internet service today from UQ Communications. Intel considers WiMAX an optimal wireless broadband technology for the next generation, with a focus on promoting the global potential of WiMAX technology. In Japan, working closely with UQ Communications, Intel has been dedicated to increasing the recognition of this advanced technology in coordination UQ as well as with other industry players.
 Committed to the expansion of WiMAX service, Intel continues to collaborate with PC manufacturers to expand the market for products that take advantage of WiMAX, including notebook PCs based on IntelR CentrinoR 2 processor technology with built-in WiMAX capabilities.

 Meanwhile, Intel will continue collaborating with UQ Communications in order to improve convenience for users through growth in WiMAX services.