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UQ Communications Broadens WiMAX Services Offering ~ "UQ 1 Day", "Multiple WiMAX Devices", "UQ Wi-Fi" ~


UQ Communications Broadens WiMAX Services Offering

~ "UQ 1 Day", "Multiple WiMAX Devices", "UQ Wi-Fi" ~


TOKYO, June 8, 2009 - UQ Communications Inc. today announced `1 Day` and `Pay-as-You-Go` WiMAX service options, as well as multiple device subscription plans. These services, available starting with the July 1 start of UQ WiMAX commercial services, are part of UQ`s progressive new services development strategy.
Please see details in exhibit below.

UQ Communications will continue to expand our WiMAX service and coverage areas to further satisfy our customer needs through UQ WiMAX.


Contacts for inquiries
Ninomiya , Oda
Public Relations, UQ Communications Inc.
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1.     UQ 1 Day (1 day use plan)

In addition to monthly use rate plan, UQ Flat, UQ is offering 1 day (24 hour) use rate plan.


Service Name

UQ 1 Day  090608_05.jpg

Service Availability

Oct 1, 2009


Registration Fee: Free

Usage Fee: 600 yen/day (tax inclusive)


  Internet connection provided for 24 hours from application.

  After initial application, `My UQ` ID/Password is sufficient for subsequent usage (Customer information entry is not required)

  UQ Wi-Fi service included at no additional cost.

*New registration is required if there is no service use for 30 days.

*Credit card is only acceptable method of payment.

*Please visit our web site: for more details.


2.     Multiple WiMAX Device Service Option

UQ is offering a new low-priced service to enable a maximum of two additional WiMAX devices on a single service.

This option will allow customers to flexibly select among multiple WiMAX enabled devices, such as WiMAX-embedded PCs and consumer electronics, depending on time, place or occasion.


Note: This service will not allow multiple registered WiMAX devices, to connect simultaneously.

Service Name

Multiple WiMAX Devices Option

Service Available Date

July 1, 2009


Initial Cost


*When applied via WiMAX integrated portal

Monthly Rate

200 yen / Month (tax inclusive) 

* Per additional registered device

* Free of charge until January 31, 2010


Additional 2 devices per contract

(Maximum 3 devices total.)

*Please visit our web site: for more details.

*This option is not applicable to UQ 1 Day option rate.


3.     "UQ Wi-Fi" Optional Service

To further improve customer experience and internet connection environment, UQ is offering "UQ Wi-Fi" Wireless LAN service.

Service Name

UQ Wi-Fi

Service Available Date

October 1, 2009


Free (Both monthly rate and initial cost)

Service Area

Details as follows


Tokaido Shinkansen

N700 Series (Between Tokyo and Shin-Osaka )

Concourse waiting areas at 17 stations between Tokyo and Osaka.

Toei Subway

Platforms at the following 101 stations:

Asakusa Line (All stations except for Oshiage station)

Mita Line (All stations except for Meguro, Shirokanedai, Shirokane Takanawa)

Shinjuku Line (All stations except for Shinjuku station

Oedo Line (All stations)


Public Space

Public space for following 19 airports: Asahikawa, Hakodate, Aomori, Sendai, Niigata, Toyama, Komatsu, Chubu International, Osaka International (Itami), Kobe, Hiroshima, Takamatsu, Kochi, Fukuoka, Kumamoto,Kagoshima and other 3 airports.

ANA Lounge

The following airport lounges:

Shinchitose, Sendai, Haneda, Haneda,Narita, Komatsu, Osaka International (Itami), Kansai International, Matsuyama, Fukuoka, Kagoshima, Naha.

JAL Lounge

The following airport lounges:

Shinchitose, Sendai, Haneda, Komatsu, Osaka International (Itami), Matsuyama, Fukuoka, Kumamoto, Kagoshima, Naha.

Note: "Wi-Fi" is registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.