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UQ Communications Kicks Off `Try WiMAX` Campaign


UQ Communications Kicks Off `Try WiMAX` Campaign

TOKYO, June 8, 2009 - UQ Communications Inc. today announced `Try WiMAX` campaign, under which it will offer free trial use of WiMAX service for a limited time to support its commercial service start July 1. The trial is intended to allow customers to check WiMAX coverage areas and data speeds before registering for paid services.
As of July 1, the UQ web site will be refreshed to provide details of coverage areas. Please refer to exhibit below for program overview.

UQ Communications will continue to expand its WiMAX service and coverage areas to further satisfy our customer needs.



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Ninomiya , Oda
Public Relations, UQ Communications Inc.
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`Try WiMAX` Offering

UQ is offering a free service called "Try WiMAX" to provide customers with an opportunity to experience UQ WiMAX. Customers will be able to check WiMAX coverage areas and data speeds before actual contract.


Starting July 1, 2009

Application Method

Apply via UQ WiMAX web site(http://www.uqwimax.jp/)

*Also available at some retail store locations.

Lease Period

15 Days (including dispatch and return date)


Offer includes the following:

・ Basic and registration fees free

 Lease of data communication card or WiMAX Wi-Fi Gateway set free

Lease Model

Data communication card: UD01SS, UD02SS, UD01NA, UD02NA

WiMAX Wi-Fi Gateway set: UD01OK/UG01OK


Express shipped next business day

(*Shipping may be delayed due to high application volume)

*In case of retail store: customer carry out


Return shipping voucher included

*In case of retail store: customer return