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UQ Communications Releases `WiMAX Integrated Portal` for WiMAX Service Provider Selection (UQ and MVNO)

UQ Communications Releases `WiMAX Integrated Portal` for WiMAX Service Provider Selection (UQ and MVNO)


TOKYO, June 8, 2009 - UQ Communications Inc. announced the opening of the `WiMAX Integrated Portal` starting July 1, enabling customers to freely select WiMAX service providers upon purchase of WiMAX-enabled retail devices.

Supporting the WiMAX Integrated Portal, UQ is pleased to announce that several device makers are introducing branded retail WiMAX devices, while several MVNOs are starting WiMAX services next month, July, 2009.

The advent of WiMAX devices and MVNOs reflects UQ`s effort to facilitate an open access network environment.

With this portal functionality, UQ expects to dramatically simplify the contract process for customers, grow the WiMAX enabled device market, and stimulate new MVNO businesses over WiMAX.

Please see exhibit for detailed image.

*MVNO = Mobile virtual Network Operator




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1.     WiMAX Integrated Portal Overview

`WiMAX Integrated Portal` allows customers who have purchased WiMAX embedded PCs or retail devices (maker-branded retail products) to freely select a WiMAX service provider and sign up for service easily via the WiMAX network.

With this portal function, customers will be able to choose among a wide range of new WiMAX enabled devices expected to come to market, and choose to start WiMAX service with any preferred WiMAX service provider.


<Service Image>

Details of usage are as follows.

1. Purchase retail device

2. Click Connection Utility (WiMAX connection tool), in WiMAX service area (pre-installed on WiMAX enabled retail devices).
・・・Connect to WiMAX Integrated Portal screen・・・
3. Select WiMAX Service Provider (UQ or MVNO) from WiMAX Integrated Portal screen
・・・Jump to selected WiMAX Service Provider`s subscription page・・・
4. Sign up online by filling in required application fields
・・・After contract confirmation, authentication information is automatically entered into WiMAX enabled device via WiMAX network・・・
5. WiMAX servicevia contracted WiMAX service provider is immediately available upon completion of contract

2.    Types of WiMAX Enabled Devices

In order to increase its quality of service, UQ is supporting the "UQ Certified Program" for device makers to certify connectivity of WiMAX enabled devices. (Please refer to UQ web site: http://www.uqwimax.jp)

Products that have completed the required connectivity tests (UQ-IOT) will have "UQ Certified" logo placed on the device.


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