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UQ Communications signs Memorandum of Understanding Lays Foundation with Clearwire Communications of U.S. and Yota of Russia for Global Roaming Capabilities

UQ Communications signs Memorandum of Understanding Lays Foundation with Clearwire Communications of U.S. and Yota of Russia for Global Roaming Capabilities


TOKYO,September 15, 2009 - UQ Communications Inc. announced that is has signed memorandums of understanding (MOU) with WiMAX operators Clearwire Communications of U.S.(Clearwire) and Yota of Russia that identifies the objectives and activities each operator will perform towards the realization of establishing WiMAX roaming between the operators. 


Under the MOU, UQ, Clearwire, and Yota plan to collaborate on business and technical aspects of their respective operations to define and institute the process necessary to support international roaming and to ensure the operators' systems and devices are able to support roaming.


These joint activities are expected to help expand WiMAX reach as a global standard for anytime, anywhere, high speed mobility, in Japan and around the world.


UQ Communications will continue to enhance WiMAX service offerings and expand coverage areas as we strive to fully satisfy customer needs through UQ WiMAX.




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About UQ

UQ Communications Inc. is the only telecommunications company in Japan that offers nationwide high-speed mobile Internet services based on cutting edge Mobile WiMAX technology. UQ started trial services February 26 2009, in central Tokyo, and launched commercial services July 1, 2009, expanding its coverage areas to Osaka and Nagoya, Japan`s second and third largest markets next to Tokyo. Strategic investors include KDDI CORPORATION, Intel Capital Corporation, East Japan Railway Company, KYOCERA Corporation, Daiwa Securities Group Inc. and The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. UQ currently provides both wholesale and retail services, and several MVNOs have already started providing mobile Internet services using UQ WiMAX infrastructure. Additional information about UQ is available at www.uqwimax.jp/english/




About Clearwire

Clearwire Communications, LLC, an operating subsidiary of Clearwire Corporation (NASDAQ: CLWR), offers a robust suite of advanced high-speed Internet services to consumers and businesses. As part of a multi-year network build-out plan, Clearwire's 4G service, called CLEAR?, will be available in major metropolitan areas across the U.S., and bring together an unprecedented combination of speed and mobility. Clearwire's open all-IP network, combined with significant spectrum holdings, provides unmatched network capacity to deliver next generation broadband access. Strategic investors include Intel, Comcast, Sprint, Google, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House Networks. Clearwire currently provides 4G service, utilizing WiMAX technology, in four markets and provides pre-WiMAX communications services in 50 markets across the U.S. and Europe. Headquartered in Kirkland, Wash., additional information about Clearwire is available at www.clearwire.com.


About Yota

Yota is the first Russian Mobile WiMAX network (in IEEE 802.16-2005 standard) providing high-speed internet access and handover between base stations without session breaking. Yota 4G internet is wireless, high-speed, unlimited and accessible everywhere within the coverage zone. High-speed wireless network has been already deployed in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Ufa. Various types of devices provide easy connection to Yota. Among them there're modems, notebooks, routers and HTC MAX 4G the world's first GSM+Mobile WiMAX phone.


Yota offers unique mobile services, using the possibilities of fast wireless internet access: mobile IPTV, video-on-demand, online music catalogue listing hundreds of thousands of tracks by world leading labels, photo-blogging portal and lots of others. Yota brand consolidates the companies responsible for network deployment, software development and media content aggregation.


For more information, please, visit Yota official web-site at www.yota.ru/en/