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UQ Communications Presents at CEATEC Japan 2009

UQ Communications Presents at CEATEC Japan 2009


TOKYO, September 28, 2009 - UQ Communications Inc. announced plans to present at 'CEATEC Japan 2009' October 6-10, to showcase its high-speed mobile broadband communications service called "UQ WiMAX," which debuted commercially in July.

At CEATEC Japan, UQ is hosting a booth to invite visitors to experience hands-on the high-speed broadband internet connectivity and ease of use of UQ WiMAX. Also on display will be WiMAX embedded devices, and examples of services over WiMAX.

UQ introduce the growing mobile WiMAX world with Open Policy for Device and Network.

We look forward to seeing you there.


[CEATEC Japan 2009 Exhibition Summary]


October 6-10,2009


Makuhari Messe

Official Site

UQ Site


[UQ President's Keynote Speech at CEATEC Japan 2009]


Internet Evolution and Mobile Broadband Growth


Takashi Tanaka, President

Time and Date

October 8, Thurs, 15:30 - 16:30


Convention Hall B, International Conference Hall

*To secure admission to keynote speech, please pre-register at CEATEC

Japan 2009 official web site.




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