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UQ Communications Announces UQ WiMAX Half-Price Device Campaign

UQ Communications Announces UQ WiMAX Half-Price Device Campaign


TOKYO, December 17, 2009 - UQ Communications Inc. (Headquarter: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Takashi Tanaka) today announced that it will start "UQ WiMAX Half-Price Device Campaign" from Friday December 18, 2009, to celebrate the start of "UQ Step," UQ`s new two-tiered flat rate pricing plan.


Under the UQ WiMAX Half-Price Device Campaign, the company will offer UQ branded WiMAX data communication cards* at half price, to users who newly contract to use "UQ Flat" unlimited use flat-rate plan, or "UQ Step" two-tiered flat rate plan. This campaign is a limited-time offer until the end of December. We welcome you to take this opportunity to experience WiMAX services.


UQ Communications is striving to offer new internet experiences, as we continue to enhance WiMAX service offerings, and expand WiMAX coverage areas.


*Excludes WiMAX Wi-Fi Gateway Set (UG01OK/UD01OK: Manufactured by OKI Networks)



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