UQ Communications

UQ Communications Announces Area Expansion

UQ Communications Announces Area Expansion

- UQ covers All Government-designated major cities and Prefectural Capitals with more than 7,000 Base Stations -


TOKYO, April 2, 2010 - UQ Communications Inc. (Headquarter: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Takashi Tanaka), today announced that its UQ WiMAX service area has been expanded to 9 cities ; Utsunomiya-shi, Niigata-shi, Sakai-shi, Nara-shi, Wakayama-shi, Tottori-shi, Yamaguchi-shi, Kagoshima-shi and Naha-shi.


UQ is currently providing WiMAX service in Central area of All Government-designated major cities and Prefectural Capitals, in accordance with their original construction plan.

UQ Communications also announces that the number of base stations reached 7,013

in 447municipalities as of the end of fiscal year 2009.


Though 4,000 outside base stations would be installed by the end of F.Y.2009 in original construction plan, UQ revised the plan in November 2009, for installing 6,000 base stations by the end of F.Y.2009, and the number of Base stations reached 7,013 by accelerating Base Station Installing,


UQ will continue to enrich and expand coverage by building base stations in F.Y.2010.


*Please refer to UQ homepage for details of area coverage.



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