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About oversea WiMAX Access 'World WiMAX'

About oversea WiMAX Access 'World WiMAX'

Day Pass service become available in the US


UQ Communications Inc. (Minato, Tokyo, President: Akio Nozaka), in collaboration with

Clearwire (a WiMAX operator in the US), provides oversea WiMAX access from September 1st.


In the US, UQ WiMAX subscribers who use WiMAX embedded laptop* become able to use the

WiMAX by subscribing Clearwire's Day Pass service. The service is provided in 55 cities in

the US such as Honolulu, Seattle and Chicago. The service is started as a Free Trial and

the trial would be offered through March 2011.


In Japan, Clearwire WiMAX subscribers are able to subscribe UQ Day Pass which is prepare

for foreign visitors.You can visit the following Clearwire's website for more information:

UQ will expand our network and bring you future Internet capability.


* Limited to Intel WiMAX module embedded laptops. USB or Wi-Fi router cannot use this offer.


<About Clearwire>

Clearwire Corporation (NASDAQ:CLWR), through its operating subsidiaries, provides WiMAX in

the US and holds 1.7 million subscribers. Clearwire is expanding its coverage to

120Million population by the end of 2010.

Company Name: Clearwire Corporation

Service: WiMAX high speed Internet

Headquarters: Kirkland, WA

Home Page: www.clearwire.com




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