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'World WiMAX' coverage expansion

'World WiMAX' coverage expansion

Day Pass service become available in Korea


TOKYO, January 13, 2011 - UQ Communications Inc. (Headquarter: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Akio Nozaka), today announced that UQ, in collaboration with KT (a WiMAX operator in Korea), expands its overseas WiMAX access service "WORLD WiMAX" to Korea from January 14th, 2011.


In Korea, UQ WiMAX subscribers who use WiMAX embedded laptop (*1) become able to use the WiMAX by subscribing KT's Day Pass service "kt Day Pass". The service is provided in 25 cities in Korea such as Seoul, Busan, Incheon, Daejeon, Gwangju, Daegu and Ulsan. KT plans to expand its WiMAX coverage to 82 cities (Population coverage: 84%) by the end of March, 2011. The service is offered at a special rate of 3,000 KRW per day (*2) by the end of June, 2011.


In Japan, KT WiMAX (olleh WiBro) subscribers who use WiMAX embedded laptop (*1) are able to subscribe UQ Day Pass which is prepared for foreign visitors.


 Moreover, a US operator Clearwire has decided to continue providing its "CLEAR Free Day Pass", and UQ WiMAX subscribers are able to use the service at no cost beyond April 2011.



*1 Limited to Intel WiMAX module"Intel R Centrino R Advanced-N+WiMAX 6250" embedded laptops. Requires updating of CU to ver.2.3.1+. USB dongle or Wi-Fi router are not available.

*2 This service will be offered at the regular price of 10,000 KRW after July, 2011.


<About KT>

KT, the largest telephony carrier in South Korea, holds around 89% of fixed-line and 32% of wireless service of the nation. There are now 18 subsidiaries owned by KT, including submarine cable company, finance banking business, etc. KT provides WiMAX service (olleh WiBro) to 370 thousands subscribers (as of December, 2010).

Home Page: http://www.kt.com





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