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"UQ WiMAX Official Shop" Opens on Rakuten Ichiba

"UQ WiMAX Official Shop" Opens on Rakuten Ichiba
―The First Shop Operated by Telecom Carrier―

  TOKYO, September 14, 2011 - UQ Communications Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Akio Nozaka, hereafter: UQ) today announced that UQ launches an official shop named "UQ WiMAX Rakuten Ichiba Shop" in Rakuten Ichiba, a shopping mall on the Internet operated by Rakuten, Inc.(Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Chairman and CEO: Hiroshi Mikitani, hereafter: Rakuten). This is the first case of launching shop which sells Telecom service widely in Rakuten Ichiba

  At first, "UQ WiMAX Rakuten Ichiba Shop" sells 15 items including data communication cards and mobile router; "WiMAX Speed Wi-Fi" which enables to connect to the Internet with various Wi-Fi devices, and the shop starts campaign to celebrate launching "UQ WiMAX Rakuten Ichiba Shop", which offers discounting of WiMAX devices and presenting credit voucher and Rakuten super points.

  Rakuten makes a new product category; "Mobile Communication" in addition to existing 35 categories in timing with launching UQ's shop, and positively makes effort for expanding sales in the Internet communication sector. Rakuten is going to make a plan for selling WiMAX embedded PCs and related products in Rakuten Ichiba.

  At this time, customer's need for mobile telecommunication service is rapidly expanding instead of fixed lines, and mobile market is expected growing up, against the backdrop of saturation of various types of mobile information device including smart phones and Tablet PCs.

  UQ launches their shop in the biggest Internet shopping mall in Japan "Rakuten Ichiba" for making opportunities to sell to wide range of customers and expanding market, in addition to sales activities on the UQ web site.

Rakuten thinks that it is possible to realize high customer satisfaction of Rakuten members by launching shops in Rakuten Ichiba by UQ; a major high speed mobile internet carrier, and selling attractive products.

  UQ and Rakuten are going to make effort to stimulate e-commerce market by cooperating to expand mobile service, and offering opportunities for shopping with various mobile information devices in any scene, to 72 million Rakuten members.

Outline of “UQ WiMAX Rakuten Ichiba Shop”  
Name of Shop UQ WiMAX Rakuten Ichiba Shop
Shop URL http://www.rakuten.co.jp/uqwimax/
Date of Launching September 14, 2011 Wed
Products 15 Items; Mobile router “WiMAX Speed Wi-Fi”, Data Communication Card
Campaign Terms: September 14, 2011 to September 30, 2011
17,000 yen (Including tax) discount from fixed price, and present 3,000 yen credit voucher and 10 times Rakuten super points


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