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Additional 2.5 GHz-band spectrum has been allocated to UQ

Additional 2.5 GHz-band spectrum has been allocated to UQ  


TOKYO, July 29, 2013 - UQ Communications Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Akio Nozaka, hereafter; UQ) filed an application on June 24,2013, to the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC). MIC today approves UQ's deployment plan and allocates additional 20MHz spectrum which is adjacent to the UQ's current 30MHz. According to the UQ's deployment plan, UQ starts a new service "WiMAX 2+" which realizes 110Mbps downlink speed and has a compatibility with TD-LTE from October this year. At the initial stage, UQ provides devices which have both WiMAX 2+ and WiMAX, and subscribes can enjoy WiMAX 2+ ultra high speed downlink and WiMAX coverage which is now serves 93% of national population. In the future, UQ aggressively adopts technologies such as Carrier Aggregation, 256QAM, 8x8MIMO, and the downlink speed to be provided reaches 1Gbps in 2017. 


About UQ Communications

UQ Communications Inc. is a leading provider of WiMAX mobile broadband services in Japan. UQ launched its commercial service from July 2009 and has been expanding its coverage since then. The data network is currently available nationwide and provides unlimited 40Mbps downlink speed to mobile environment. The company promotes its services through its own UQ WiMAX as well as its wholesale providers (MVNOs). The number of UQ WiMAX subscribers reaches 4.2 million as of end of June, 2013.




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