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UQ turns up WiMAX 2+ in Tokyo


UQ turns up WiMAX 2+ in Tokyo


- TDD-LTE compatible WiMAX 2+ is launched on October 31st

- The maximum down link speed is increased from 40Mbps to 110Mbps

- WiMAX 2+capable mobile router “Wi-Fi WALKER WiMAX2+ HWD14” is now available


TOKYO, October 30, 2013 - UQ Communications Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Akio Nozaka, hereafter; UQ) announced that it will turn up WiMAX 2+ network from October 31st. The service is available in central Tokyo and the coverage will be expanded to Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya metropolitan areas by March 2014, and to all major cities in nation by March 2015.

The WiMAX 2+ has a compatibility with TDD-LTE, and the maximum down link speed reaches 110Mbps. However, UQ keeps the monthly fee at 3,880 JPY and offers unlimited data for both WiMAX and WiMAX2+ for up to two years.

On October 31st, WiMAX 2+ capable mobile router “Wi-Fi WALKER WiMAX2+ HWD14” is on sale on UQ  online store and MVNOs. The specifications of HWD14 are as follows;



Network: WiMAX2+, WiMAX, LTE

Dimensions: 62(H)X100(W)X15.5(D) mm

Weight: 140g

Display: 2.4" touch screen

Battery / Battery hours: 3,000mAh / 9+hours





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