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"Speed Wi-Fi NEXT W01" -- New Wi-Fi Router with Carrier Aggregation Technology Mobile Wi-Fi Router with a Maximum Download Speed of 220Mbps

“Speed Wi-Fi NEXT W01” — New Wi-Fi Router with Carrier Aggregation Technology Mobile Wi-Fi Router with a Maximum Download Speed of 220Mbps


UQ Communications Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Akio Nozaka, hereafter: UQ) announced that its “Speed Wi-Fi NEXT W01” mobile Wi-Fi router which is UQ's first to use carrier aggregation (CA) technology*1 (manufacturer: Huawei Japan, hereafter: W01) will be released as part of its new “Speed Wi-Fi NEXT” series of ultra-high-speed (maximum download speed of 220Mbps*2) mobile Wi-Fi routers starting January 30, 2015 (Friday). The router will be available from the UQ WiMAX online shop and at MVNO shops.

 “W01” is the first mobile Wi-Fi router by UQ that employs CA technology, and supports “WiMAX 2+” with an ultra-high-speed maximum download speed of 220Mbps as well as au’s “4G LTE” service, which supports the wide service area of "Platinum Band". With this router, customers can easily enjoy Internet access anywhere in Japan according to their lifestyle.

 The stylish design of the “W01” complements any situation. The 2.4-inch color touch panel enables intuitive controls for configuring various settings, and the interactive guide allows tablets and PCs to easily connect to the Internet.
With the optional custom cradle (sold separately), the router can be used conveniently as a home router. Take advantage of the ultra-high-speed connection anywhere you are.


  • *1  Technology that enables data transfers by using multiple radio waves (carriers) simultaneously.
  • *2 Before employing CA technology, the maximum download speed is 110Mbps.
      Information on “Speed Wi-Fi NEXT W01” service areas with a maximum download speed of 220Mbps will be announced on our homepage.
      In addition, to enable the maximum download speed of 220Mbps, the firmware of the device must be upgraded.
      (Scheduled to be available by the end of March 2015)
      The WiMAX 2+ capable mobile router “Wi-Fi WALKER WiMAX 2+ HWD14/HWD15/NAD11” does not support the maximum download speed of 220Mbps.
      The maximum download speed is 110Mbps for that device.
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