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New Pricing Plan for WiMAX 2+ -- "UQ Flat 2+ Giga-Hodai"! Get unlimited ultra-high-speed downloading up to 220Mbps for just ¥4,380 a month

New Pricing Plan for WiMAX 2+ — “UQ Flat 2+ Giga-Hodai”!
Get unlimited ultra-high-speed downloading up to 220Mbps for just ¥4,380 a month


 UQ Communications Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Akio Nozaka, hereafter: UQ) is set to launch “UQ Flat 2+ Giga-Hodai”, a new pricing plan for the WiMAX 2+ service that offers unlimited data*1 for just ¥4,380 a month (not including tax)*2 starting on Friday, February 20, 2015.

With pay-as-you-go mobile data plans and inexpensive SIM cards becoming more prevalent in the market recently, more and more people are worried about data plan restrictions that may incur high charges by going over the limit, or plans that offer unlimited data but have slow download speeds. UQ will relieve customers from such ‘data stress’ by providing a mobile data service that is more in tune with the cloud age, with a ‘Giga-Yaba Revolution’ aimed at Japan's Internet era that will guarantee customers both “Ya-Baisoku” (double speed) and “Giga-Hodai” (unlimited data).

◆ “Ya-Baisoku” Double Speed!
 “Ya-Baisoku” is the name for UQ's ultra fast data service. In order to make efficient and continuous use of the 50MHz band, carrier aggregation (CA) technology*3 and the world's first 4x4 MIMO technology*4 was utilized to double the WiMAX 2+ maximum download speed from 110Mbps to 220Mbps. UQ is now working on a 440Mbps service as it works to keep doubling the download speed.
 UQ is working to rapidly expand the WiMAX 2+ service area and expects to expand the service area to more or less equal to the WiMAX service area by the end of March 2015. For areas available for CA, coverage is being gradually expanded by extending the current supported bandwidth of the WiMAX 2+ area from 20MHz to 40MHz.
For WiMAX 2+ areas that support the world's first 4x4 MIMO technology, excluding certain areas, the service will cover the entire area by the end of March 2015.

◆ “Giga-Hodai” Unlimited Data!
 “Giga-Hodai” is the name for UQ's new unlimited data service that does not compromise on speed, data volume or price. Since launching the WiMAX service, UQ has pursued customer satisfaction by providing unlimited data plans. With the current ‘giga-jidai’ or age of super high-volume data usage, UQ is now offering a new flat-rate pricing plan, “UQ Flat 2+ Giga-Hodai”, available for its “Ya-Baisoku” ultra-high-speed WiMAX 2+ service, providing customers a reasonable one-price structure with no monthly limit on data.
 “UQ Flat 2+ Giga-Hodai” is an unlimited, stress-free data plan set at a flat monthly fee of ¥4,380 (not including tax) with no hidden/added costs no matter how much Internet data is used.
 To get customers started, for a limited time UQ is offering customers the first three months of “UQ Flat 2+ Giga-Hodai” for just ¥3,696 (not including tax). After trying it for three months, customers can switch to the “UQ Flat 2+” price plan and keep “Giga-Hodai” for unlimited data *5.

 The current “UQ Flat 2+” price plan offers the WiMAX 2+ data plan on an unlimited basis for a monthly charge of ¥3,696 (not including tax) for two years after sign-up, but the offer of two years of unlimited data will end with sign-ups on February 19, 2015 (Thursday) in conjunction with the launch of the new “UQ Flat 2+ Giga-Hodai” plan.


  • *1   “WiMAX 2+” can be used regardless of any monthly data restrictions.
      In order to reduce network congestion, starting April 2015, for users who accumulate “WiMAX
  • *2  ¥4,380/month (not including tax) is applicable for up to 25 months with a subscription to “UQ Flat 2+ Giga-Hodai” and the “UQ Flat 2+ “Otokuwari” discount. After the discount period ends, the monthly fee will be ¥4,880 (not including tax).
  • *3  Technology that enables data transfers by using multiple radio waves (carriers) simultaneously.
  • *4  Stands for “Multiple Input Multiple Output”. Technology that achieves ultra-high-speed data transfers (maximum download speed of 220Mbps) for WiMAX 2+ by sending and receiving multiple data simultaneously with the use of 4 antennas on the data sending end (base station) and receiving end (router).
  • *5  Price plan changes will become effective from the month following the month in which the request is made.
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