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Total Number of UQ WiMAX Contracts Exceeds 10 Million!

Total Number of UQ WiMAX Contracts Exceeds 10 Million!
-Aiming to be the No. 1 Mobile Internet Service in Customer Satisfaction-

TOKYO,  May 7, 2015 - The total number of contracts for the UQ WiMAX service provided by UQ Communications Inc. (Head Office: Minato Ward, Tokyo, Akio Nozaka, President, hereafter “UQ”) surpassed ten million※1 on April 30, 2015.

We would like to express our appreciation to our customers and partners, whose cooperation has enabled our contracts to surpass the ten million mark.

Since its founding in 2009, UQ has worked wholeheartedly toward achieving customer satisfaction with mobile internet services. Valuing our customer’s feedback, we have expanded the area of mobile internet coverage in Japan, increased the download bandwidth speed of the WiMAX 2+ service to 220Mbps with the “Ya-Baisoku” service, introduced the flat-rate, reassuring “Giga-Hodai” wireless plan, and begun to sell slim and lightweight high-speed Wi-Fi routers.

Furthermore, since WiMAX 2+ support was introduced for smartphones in May 2014, the number of WiMAX contracts has increased at a rapid pace.

As a result, UQ has been rated number one in customer satisfaction※2 for two consecutive years by mobile data sources including J.D. Power Asia Pacific, RBB Today, and Oricon. With this and other factors, many customers have chosen our WiMAX service and the number of contracts has come to surpass the ten million mark.

Currently, UQ is providing a special offer to customers using WiMAX devices (those not equipped with WiMAX 2+) that will enable them to move to the high-speed and convenient world of WiMAX 2+. As part of our ‘Giga Yaba Upgrade Plan,’ we are offering a discount on upgrades to WiMAX 2+ devices. Customers upgrading to WiMAX 2+ devices before September 30 (Wednesday) of this year will be able to use an unlimited※3 amount of bandwidth (“Giga Hodai”) at the monthly price of ¥3,696※4  for two years.

We hope that our customers currently using WiMAX devices will take advantage of this special offer.

UQ will continue to promote its ‘Giga-Yaba Revolution’ project with all of its strength to enrich society and the world through mobile internet services.

  • ※1 Total number of BWA service contracts issued by UQ Communications or related companies using UQ WiMAX.
  • ※2 According to the J.D. Power Asia Pacific 2014 Mobile Data Service Customer Satisfaction Survey, 2015 Oricon Mobile Data Service Customer Satisfaction Ranking, RBB Today Mobile Awards 2014 Carrier Category [Data Providers Section], UQ has been ranked No. 1 for two straight years.
  • ※3 WiMAX 2+ services can be used with no monthly data usage limit. As a result of network crowding, customers using more than 3GB in bandwidth over a three-day period can be subject to speed limitations for the following day. In addition, data speeds may also be limited depending on the amount of congestion in its base stations.
  • ※4 For “UQ Flat 2+ Giga-Hodai” contracts. For the 25-month period including the month in which the upgrade was processed, the price will equal the result of subtracting ¥1,184 yen per month from the ¥4,880 yen monthly fee; after the discounted period ends, the monthly fee will be ¥4,880 yen.
    In addition, there will be a universal service fee of ¥2 per month (as of January 2015).

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