Check 7 points!

point1 Great savings! Always!

For SUMAHO Plan S UQ Family Discount applies to the second device onward ¥1,480 / month~ Can carry over to the next month! 3GB And! Non-binding! No contract cancellation fee

Choose from various call option plans to ensure no waste For those who want plenty of talk time Unlimited Calling(anytime 24 hours)¥1,700/month For those who make a lot of short calls Unlimited Calling*2(max 10 min each time)¥700/month For those who make long calls on occasion Call pack*2(60 min/month)¥500/month

  • When UQ Family Discount + SUMAHO Plan S are applied. The UQ Family Discount is applied from the month following the contract month. Some conditions apply to the UQ Family Discount. Separate SIM package fee (¥3,000), call fee (¥20/30 sec), and universal service fee, etc. will be charged. Click here for details.

point2 Use data without waste!Unused data can be carried over!

In the case of Plan S 3GB ¥1,480/month ~, In the case of Plan M 9GB ¥2,480/month ~, In the case of Plan L 14GB ¥3,480/month ~

  • The monthly fee is the fee for the second and subsequent devices using the SUMAHO Plan + UQ Family Discount.

And!Unused data can be carried over*5 to the followaing month! Savings with no waste!

This month Carry over Next month

point3 Use social media and music to the fullest! No data utilized!

“No data utilized”*6 when the saving mode is on(Up to 300kbps for sending and receiving)

Use social media and music to the fullest!

point4 Can use it with iPhone!Complete lineup

iPhone 7 | Xperia 8 OPPO A5 2020

point5 Connect nationwide! Fast!Uses au 4G LTE so effortless connection

Uses au 4G LTE so effortless connection

point6 from other carriers Easy to transfer over

You can continue to use your current smartphone! You can use it with a new smartphone!Easy steps for transferring over.Continue to use your current phone number!Transfer completed the same day!

point7 Reliable Support service(fee applies)

  • UQ Care Pack
  • Family Protection Pack
  • Device Reimbursement Pack
  • *Available for mobile phones/PHS: 9:00am – 8:00pm
    (all year)
  • *Some IP phones cannot connect
  1. All prices shown exclude tax. Product prices shown on this site are the prices at the UQ online store.
  2. If you enroll at the same time as starting a new contract, the options will be applied from the month of enrollment. If you apply for additional call
    options or change call options, these will be applied from the month following the month of application.
  3. Should a single call exceed ten (10) minutes in length, additional charges of ¥20 per each additional 30 seconds shall be charged. Some calls
    are not applicable. Click here for details.
  4. A maximum of ¥2,400/month will be reduced from the monthly total of domestic all charges (¥20/30 seconds). Some calls are not applicable.
    Click here for details.
  5. Unused basic data communication amounts can be carried over and applied to the following month’s basic data communication up to an amount
    equivalent to that of the corresponding plan. Data shall be used in the following order: carried over data, basic plan data, additionally purchased data.
    Additional data purchased via a data charge is not applicable for carry over (expiration date: 90 days).
  6. When “saving mode” is set with the smartphone contract.
  7. When the MP3 bitrate is about 128kbps

[About UQ mobile]

  • A separate, compatible smartphone is required.
  • The service is available within the au coverage area (Data transmission is via LTE, while voice transmission utilizes 3G. Multi-SIM (for VoLTE)
    voice transmission utilizes LTE).
  • Maximum communication speeds vary according to the area.
  • To avoid network congestion, transmission speeds for customers who have used more than 6GB in the preceding three days will be restricted through
    the following day.