6 Reasons Why Our Customers Choose UQ mobile

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Cost-effective rates that stay the same

Carryover Plan S +5G
Even for one, rates remain at
3GB ¥1,628/month (including tax)
Carryover Plan M +5G
15GB ¥2,728/month (including tax)
Carryover Plan L +5G
25GB ¥3,828/month (including tax)
  • Basic charges remain the same even after the 1st or 2nd year! No strings attached!
  • ¥0 contract cancellation fee! !
These are smartphone (5G) plans. A 4G LTE smartphone may also be used to sign up. For a 4G LTE smartphone, a 4G LTE network will be used.

au 4G LTE for a Population Coverage Ratio of 99.9%

Broad service area
UQ mobile’s au 4G LTE network!

Population Coverage Ratio*1

over 99.9%!


J.D. Power Mobile Phone Services

No.1 in customer satisfaction*2
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6 Reasons Why Our Customers Choose UQ mobile
*1 The population coverage ratio is calculated based on areas within the approximately 500m grid areas used in the national census with a communication availability of 50% or higher. Information listed is as of the end of December 2020. This information is subject to change. Applies to 4G LTE-compatible devices. Does not apply to iPhone 5 or iPads (2012 model).
*2 J.D. Power 2021 Mobile Phone Service Customer Satisfaction Study Based on responses from 3,900 smartphone users. jdpower-japan.com
●This service is a best-effort service. Note that the maximum communication speed is not the actual communication speed, but the maximum value based on the technical standards. The actual speed may fall substantially short of the maximum for various reasons including your use environment and the traffic amount even in the service area. The maximum communication speed also varies depending on the device model.

Cost-effective plans with plenty of data for you to use

Plenty of data
Carryover Plan L +5G
*If 6GB or more is used over the past 3 days, a limit is placed on the communication speed until the next day to avoid network congestion.
*Calling charge (¥22/30 sec. including tax), etc. are incurred separately.

Flexible on the data front, so you can be worry-free!

Data can be carried over
Cost-effective, and data isn’t wasted!
No data usage when using
social media!
With the Saving Mode*3, no data is used
no matter how much you use social media!

With the new Carryover Plan M +5G and Carryover Plan L +5G, use up to a 1 Mbps connection even in Saving Mode*3!

*3 When using a carryover plan with Turbo set to OFF. A connection of up to 300 Kbps for Carryover Plan S +5G.

Users can switch to a UQ plan on their current phone or switch phones!

Switch to a UQ plan on your
current smartphone!
*UQ-compatible model required
Your phone number, apps, and photos remain as they are
while you save on communications expenses!
Super simple to switch SIM cards!
A Full Lineup
iPhones can also be used!
Wide range of devices to choose from!
*“Carryover Plan +5G” is a smartphone (5G) plan. A 4G LTE smartphone may also be used to sign up. For a 4G LTE smartphone, a 4G LTE network will be used.
*For the devices that can be used, see the list of supported devices.

You can also go to an au shop/au Style to sign up!

Go to any au shop/au Style nationwide to
ask about plans or
sign up!
UQ Spot
UQ Spot

UQ Spot stores not only work with new UQ mobile/WiMAX applications but also offer UQ mobile device repair services. Feel free to stop by a UQ Spot store!

UQ Spot
au Shops

au shops offer UQ mobile/au communications services.

UQ Spot
au Style

In addition to the UQ mobile/au communications services offered at au shops, au Style shops also provide UQ mobile/au device repair services. Feel free to stop by an au Style store!

*Above services may not be available at some stores.

Comprehensive support with the
Support Service (paid service)!

*Available for mobile phones/PHS: 9:00am – 8:00pm (all year)
*Some IP phones cannot connect
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